The After-Action Review

You... you survived!

Congrats on making it through the guide! Hopefully you've come out on the other side with some knowledge that will help you to get more out of your tactical experiences, be they in ArmA2 or other games. Feel free to bookmark this and reference it later, of course - it's a ton of information, and it may take several visits to fully take in everything.

Enjoyed the ride? Show it! :)

There are a few things you can do at this point, if you're interesting in giving a bit back. Writing this was a substantial amount of work - the first took six months, while this one has been in the making for nearly the same amount of time, revising great parts of the first one as well as adding a slew of new content. It's presented freely here, as before.

What I would like would be to have anyone who has read the guide do one (or more) of the following, as their time and situation allows:

The Printed TTP2

For those who are interested in having a hard-copy of this guide, rest assured, one is currently in development. Check back in a few weeks for more info about ordering one - it should be pretty slick! The first TTP came out in print, looking quite fantastic if I do say so myself, and the new print version is being created by the same person who laid out the first one, so the quality should be top-notch again. More info as it develops.

The Survey

Oh look, a survey! You'll need to scroll through it to see the whole thing. It should only take a minute or two to fill out, unless you're feeling so kind as to go into extra detail. Bear in mind that very long feedback is best done via e-mail to me, of course.


About the Author

Dslyecxi is a prior-service US Marine with an eye for gaming realism who established Shack Tactical in January of 2006. He presently works as a Virtual Battlespace 2 designer/SME for a firearms training company, and was involved as an external contributor to ArmA2.

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