The following are the main military resources referenced for this guide, as well as the original tactical guide. The download speeds may be a bit slow at times, but hey... you'll get them eventually, right?

Bear in mind that it's pretty easy to find these publications via google searches for their pub reference - ie, "FM 21-75" for 'Combat Skills of the Soldier', or "MCRP 3-01A" for 'Rifle Marksmanship. If the download speeds are too slow, give that a shot.


Download Combat Skills of the Soldier
US Army, FM 21-75
This manual covers all sorts of topics that Army soldiers are expected to be proficient with. It is well-illustrated, and while it isn't as comprehensive as some manuals, it is a good base-of-knowledge to work with.


Download USMC Common Skills Handbook 1B
US Marine Corps
Basic USMC infantry information. This is a handbook that all Marines are expected to be familiar with.


Download Rifle Marksmanship
US Marine Corps, MCRP 3-01A
Basic Marine rifle marksmanship. This covers all sorts of things that relate to effectively engaging targets with a basic ironsighted rifle.


Download Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad
US Army, FM 7-8
This Army pub "provides doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures for how infantry rifle platoons and squads fight". It is a considerable 408 pages long and has loads of good information in it.


Download Marine Rifle Squad
US Marine Corps, FMFM 6-5
This manual "provides basic guidance to enable the rifle platoon squad leader to fight and lead his squad in combat... it addresses the squad's role within the platoon and that of the fireteams within the rifle squad. Emphasis is placed on offensive and defensive tactics and techniques...". Definitely worth looking into if you're curious about how a real Marine Rifle Squad functions, and how things might apply to gaming.


Download Commander's Tactical Handbook
US Marine Corps, MCWP 3-11.1A
This pub "contains reference material frequently used to organize, plan, and conduct Marine ground combat operations. Its intent is to assist small unit leaders functioning at the company level and below...". This should prove to be an interesting read for any players looking to act as in-game leaders. While much of the information is not applicable to a gaming environment (as with all pubs), some of it is, and much of it is interesting.


Download Operational Terms & Graphics
US Marine Corps, MCRP 5-12a
Ever wonder what all those crazy NATO map markers mean? This will explain all of them in detail, along with pretty much every military term you could ever want or need to know.


Download Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain
US Marine Corps, MCWP 3-35.3
If you think urban combat is tough in games now, just imagine what it would be like if 1/5th of the things covered in this pub had to be taken into consideration.


Download Sniper Training
US Army, FM 23-10
The US Army's publication on sniper training.


Download Sniping
US Marine Corps, FMFM 1-3B
Sniping, as taught by Marines.


Download Close Air Support
US Marine Corps, MCRP 3-23.1
This pub "addresses basic CAS doctrine and TTP... focusing on the details of CAS employment and the role CAS plays". If you have a question about real-world close air support, this pub will almost certainly give you the information to answer it.


Download Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter and Controller
US Marine Corps, MCWP 3-16.6
This pub provides "techniques and procedures for requesting, adjusting, and controlling mortars, artillery, naval gunfire, and close air support". If you're interested in the various real-world considerations that come into play when a n observer/spotter/controller is doing his job, you'll find this pub to be a good read.


Download Tactical Employment of Mortars
US Marine Corps, MCWP 3-15.2
Just like it says, this pub covers all aspects of mortars being employed in combat.


Download Mortars
US Marine Corps, MCRP 3-15.2A
You thought that was it? Ha! More mortar info. It's a pretty deep subject matter.


Download Mortars Gunnery
US Marine Corps, MCRP 3-15.2
But wait, there's more! In-depth mortar gunnery info.